Bromley - Vermont's Sun Mountain

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Alpine Slide

The Grand Daddy of them all… North America's first triple-tracked Alpine Slide and still one of the longest slides in the world - a full 2/3 of a mile.  Enjoy the scenic chairlift ride up the mountain, and then the thrill is in your hands...pick your track and you control your speed!  Banked turns and straightaways, rollers and drops, Bromley's tracks have it all.  Children under 48" ride free, but must be with an Adult, over 48" must ride solo.

Climbing Wall

An uber-challenging 24' multi-faced "real-rock" wall with different faces for different challenges. Open toed shoes not permitted, must weigh between 40 and 250 lbs.

Mini Golf

Truly beautiful and scenic, it's the Augusta National of miniature golf our humble opinion, of course.

Trampoline Thing

Four, count 'em, Four Trampoline Things in the lineup! Slip into the harness and take trampolining to new heights. Literally! Must weigh between 30 and 200 lbs. to ride.

Twin Spin

Round and round you'll go until you yell "Stop!" It's a four-rider, self-propelled spinning sensation! Maximum weight is 150 lbs per rider, minimum height of 36".

Space Bikes

Race against a friend as you actually pedal your way into orbit - like a bicycle race turned on its head! Must be at least 59" tall to ride.

Super Air Slide

The little ones now have a Bromley slide all their own with the colorful, bouncy, 24' inflated Kiddie Slide! Must be under 48" to ride.

Adrenaline Zip Line

"Little Zippy" is basically 100' of "YEEEEEEE-HA!" on a super strong steel cable. Must be under 150 lbs. and at least 48" tall. (Not to be confused with the Sun Mountain Flyer.) 

Big Splash

At 456', the Splash is still Vermont's longest, and therefore coolest, water slide ride. Maximum weight 375 lbs for either one or two riders, under 42" must ride with an adult. 

Bumper Boats

A nautically-nifty perennial favorite. Aye-aye! Must be under 48" to ride.

Bounce House

Wonderfully bouncy with some serious "boinging" goin' on! Must be under 48" to ride.

Giant Swing

It looms as high as a four-story building, swings riders at speeds approaching 40mph and produces 3G's of gravitational force. Maximum weight of 300lbs, minimum height of 48", minimum age of 6 years old required to ride.

Scenic Chairlift Ride

Take a leisurely ride up one of our chairlifts and enjoy the awesome views from our south-facing slopes.  Whether leaf-peeping, or summer site-seeing, a scenic ride is a great way to enjoy Vermont!